The Best Places to check out Wildlife in India

This is one topic that nature-lovers and nature photographers will not be able to get enough of. Although India has many urban cities, it has been able to preserve its amazing forests and wildlife destinations pretty well, and as a result there are many cool places filled with trees and grasslands that one could check out. And so we’re here to list the best ones, at least from our perspective. If you’re in need of transport to get to these amazing destinations in India, check out for renting a Bullet or any other bike, as they rent out bikes in mostly all major cities of India. Let’s get to it then!


Looking for a dry forest to chill out and get in touch with nature at? Look no further than Rajasthan! Housing the Ranthambore wildlife reserve, it really proves to be a great place to enjoy wildlife at its driest. Also having tigers roaming around in the jungles like all the other places above, the safari ride here is one you should not miss. Jaipur to Ranthambore is also considered to be one of the best road trips to take on a bike, so do make sure you try that! Check out Harley Davidson on Rent in Jaipur.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is famous for two things: PohaJalebi and its awesome forests and jungles, all thanks to the Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks that you can find in the state. Famous for their tigers, both National Parks prove to be a great delight for travellers who want to get in touch with all sorts of wildlife too.


Find yourself amidst wildlife and hordes and hordes of mountains and awesome valleys in Uttarakhand. The Jim Corbett national park can be found here, and boy is it huge! Make sure to go on an extensive safari to fully appreciate the beauty of wildlife here, as you are bound to run into all sorts of them!


Assam is a great place to check out if you’re interested in wildlife even a bit. Home to the Kaziranga National Park, it is famous for the rhinos that are present there, which apparently make up a huge portion of the total Rhino population in the world. You can easily get there using bikes on rent in Guwahati. Other than the Rhino the place holds various kinds of wildlife, including a large population of elephants, deer, water buffaloes and even cool leopards. Make sure that this place is listed in your next trip to take!