Read This to Get Answers to Your Questions About Dominican Republic

Visiting a new country can be very exciting as you can discover lots of new things about the unknown place. You can meet new people and learn about their culture and tradition. There is always a surprise element to find while visiting any new places and therefore if you are interested to visit Dominican Republic then read this article where there are answers to few questions about DR.

  1. Can we drink water in Dominican Republic?

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated when you are on a trip to best beaches in the Dominican Republic. Therefore, you must buy bottled water and drink it whenever you are thirsty. Avoid drinking tap water but it is fine for brushing or showering.

  1. What kind of food can we eat at Dominican Republic?

Foods at this place is a mixture of European, African and little influence of local Caribbean island. You can find fish, rice, yucca, plantains, beans, chicken and various fruits and vegetables. Try food that local people eat.

  1. Can we make payment in US Dollars?

If you are carrying US dollars then it is better to get it exchanged into local currency from your hotel or any ATM where you will get better rate. While shopping you can get better bargain by using local currency. Some shops will accept US dollars too however you will not get a better price.

  1. How to call home?

You can buy local calling cards and check the rates from few places before you buy. You can also find international roaming charges from your service provider. Other option can be Whatsapp, Skype or Tango with your smartphone.

  1. Can we swim in the Caribbean Sea?

Always enquire about safe spots where you can swim and must have your lifeguards with you. Also check the weather condition and make sure that you do not harm any local environment condition.

  1. Should we use sunscreen?

It is very essential to protect yourself from harmful UV rays and can either carry sunscreen while travelling or buy it from any local shop. If you intend to go underwater then prefer bio-degradable sunscreen so that it does not make any adverse effect on marine life.

  1. Is it safe to be out of hotel?

Whenever you are travelling to an unknown place you must keep your senses active to know about the local condition. As such DR is quite safe place and there are enough police present everywhere. Better avoid walking on beach during night and carry any flashy item.